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Miniature Horse 

Mini Zebu (Elvis)

Micro Mini Bull (Dexter)

Mini Pig

Miniature Donkey

Giant Tortoise

Smaller Tortoises

Pot Bellied Pig





Giant Rabbits




My Story

I love sharing my animals with everyone


Jenny is a former art and biology teacher, a riding instructor and current mental health therapist. Jenny uses her full or mini petting zoo and equine (horse/pony/donkey) to do Chamberlin Pony Parties as well as help children and adults with mental health issues such as PTSD, anxiety, and depression in private therapy sessions. Jenny believes in sharing her love and passion of animals with children and adults of all ages to support a safe, positive animal experience. The idea is to share the animals in hopes to transfer a new level of understanding in areas of compassion, empathy and unconditional love/friendship one can easily learn and safely experience through human-animal interactions that can transfer to human-human relationships to make our relationships with others more healthy and allow for a more enriched life. Jenny’s animals are used to being brushed, groomed, decorated and loved on. The animals all have very unique personalities and often find a human counterpart that mirrors some traits and gives insight into who we are and what we are all about. This is an added dynamic to your petting zoo and pony party settings when one gets a chance to delve into some animal/human psychology while enjoying a playful relaxed nature experience. Jenny is all about fun too and does her best to make your event the best party ever!! Hope to see you soon!

Raving Fans

"This was a wonderful experience for my daughter’s 5th birthday!! She loves unicorns & she was so surprised to see one in our backyard! She looks for unicorns at every zoo we visit, so having one at her party was the absolute best! The petting zoo and face painting was also a hit with her and her friends. Jenny and her assistant were great with the kids.":   Lynette


Ponies & Horses

We love sharing our animals with you



Large Pony

Little girl standing next to donkey


Mini Donkey 

Some of our favorite memories

Face Painting

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