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We are seeking top-tier candidates! Our company places great emphasis on our image. We are in search of team members who are impeccably presented, passionate, skilled, highly dependable, and capable of passing a background check.


As a Chamberlin Event Manager, you will have the opportunity to join a well-established company. We will keep you as involved as you desire, handling all reservations and marketing while you delight in sharing your animals with our customers.



- Minimum age of 18

- Own truck and trailer for animal transportation

- Strong leadership abilities

- Punctuality and reliability at every job site

- Friendly and outgoing demeanor

- Sound judgment and adaptability

- Ability to work in extreme temperatures

- Capability to lift at least 100 lbs

- Dedication to exceptional customer service and animal care

- Willingness to dress and behave appropriately in a family environment

- Clean driving record with few violations

- Own (or assistance in obtaining) farm animals such as ponies, horses, ducks, chickens, bunnies, or other farm animals

- Preference for experience with children


Please answer the questions below

Full Name*

Full Address*

Email Address*


Do you own your own Truck and Trailer?

Select an option

Are you willing to travel more than 50 Miles to an event?*

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What is your availability?

What Animals do you Currently Own? Please Include the Quantity and Breed of Each*

Have your Animals Been Around Many Children?

Are your Ponies or Horses Kid Safe?

How Many Years of Experience do you have with Animals?

How Many Years Have you Owned your Current Animals?

Are you willing to Obtain the Proper Insurance?

Why would you like to be apart of our company?

Tell us a little about yourself and your farm

Do you have reliable workers that could help you at events?

Are you currently working?

How long have you been employed for? (If currently working)

What Are Your Hobbies?

Please Name a few References we May Contact.

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