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Michelle & Chad


Clydesdale ($100 surcharge to request a Clydesdale (weight limit is 175 pounds)

Camels (additional cost if available)

Fainting Goats


Miniature Donkeys

Micro pot bellied pigs

Arctic Fox (not always included in petting zoo)

Ducks, chickens, bunnies

Miniature Dexter Cow

Miniature Longhorn Cow

Miniature Llama





Our Story

We’ve loved every minute of our journey

Chad and wallaby

About us

Michelle & Chad started off as customers of Chamberlain Pony Rides and were inspired to one day have a farm of their own. The "Ride the Clyde" experience reaffirmed Michelle's love of Clydesdale's and Olive soon became a member of the family.

In 2014 Michelle & Chad decided it was time to make the big move and moved from Sterling Heights to Imlay City. Their horses Olive and Moo came home from the boarding stable and the farm grew from there.

Michelle says: "We love our animals and we can't forget how special our daughters birthdays were because of Chamberlain Pony Rides. We want to share our animals and make other children's birthdays as special as what we have experienced!"

Raving Fans

"This was the second time that I had Chad, Michelle and their wonderful daughters make my sons birthday one of the most memorable event. They are just awesome to be with. They so on time, accommodative, very friendly , kind and always with a smile. Best of all is they all enjoy with your party gathering. Their animals are great fun to interact. Olive is one of the best looking horses I have seen and rode on. My 4 year old is a fan of Olive's. I will get them back again.  "   NC Kishore

Michelle and Olive Clydesdale

Our Team

We love sharing our animals with you!

Clydesdale back rides, chambelrin pony rides

Olive ($100 extra - 175 pounds maximum weight allowance) 

Clydesdale horse

Clydesdale rides , chamberlin pony rides,

Ford ($100 extra - 175 pounds maximum weight allowance)

Clydesdale horse


Haflinger (large) pony

chamberlin pony rides


Draft (large) pony

chamberlin pony rides, haflinger rides


Hackney (medium) pony

unicorn, chamberlin pony rides


Mini horse (small) pony

white unicorn pony



white unicorn pony


Mini Mule

white unicorn pony


Small Pony

white unicorn pony



Some of our favorite memories

See What People Are Saying

"A glowing testimonial! Highly recommended!"


We can’t thank Michelle and Chad enough for making our celebration so enjoyable and memorable. We were celebrating all our August birthdays and anniversaries but mostly our daughters 40th birthday. They made her dream come true with all of their wonderful animals and the best was being able to ride her favorite animal - Olive the Clydesdale. The animals were very clean and well cared for. You can tell how much they are loved and most of them are rescues. Their daughters were great working with the children teaching them about the animals and helping them hold the animals. We can’t say enough great things about them and hope we can have them again!



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