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Heads Up! The alpaca wedding trend has hit. 

Are you looking for a unique Wedding experience? Why not make you special day extra special by having Alpacas at your wedding. The alpacas can act as ring or ribbon bearers. The Alpacas provide a photo opportunity for the Bride and Groom and will keep your wedding guests amused with selfies and photos between the ceremony and the meal. Our Alpacas are well socialized and make for great photo opportunities. We can dress up our Alpacas with a tux and veil or flowers. 

Make your day unforgettable!

Alpaca party is great fun an a unique addition to any event,  

birthday party, day care, senior home or just because they are lovable and you want to spend time with them. 

PRICE: $300 for one hour

Includes 1 or 2 alpacas

(please call for additional hour prices)

* Travel fee may apply

Alpaca Therapeutic Service

Have you heard of Alpaca Therapeutic Service? 

Alpacas are particularly suitable as therapy animals. We love our therapy work and are constantly amazed at the results. The alpacas have a sixth sense which is evident by they way they react to different people and situations. Working with alpacas has proven to improve both mental health and physical health. Our goal is to provide full animal assisted therapy (AAT). We have experience with working with children with Autism and ADHD. We work with children and adults with special needs and those suffering from Stress and Anxiety. Alpacas have also been found to help speed up recovery for patients recovering from operations and illnesses.

A few of our fun Alpaca memories...

All our alpacas will have an experienced handler attending.

We ask that dogs are kept away from alpacas, please!

Great photo opportunity for the Bride & Groom 

and will keep your guests amused with selfies & photos between the ceremony and the meal.

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