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clown pony and attendant

Mini Unicorn Carnival 

Our Smallest Carnival Package!

Chamberlin Unicorn Carnival Package is a great option for your next unicorn lovers celebration.

Choose your colors - unicorns come in rainbow colors, pink & purple or your choice!

Imagine the look of sheer wonder and delight on the face of your guest of honor when this beautiful unicorn and her team arrive to celebrate with you at your next unicorn party.

We create the most unforgettable day by bringing our carnival games and our unicorn princess to help with the games.

PRICE: $360

(please call for additional hour prices)

* You may add an activity for just $75


UNICORN carnival games
Rope the unicorn
Unicorn carnival set up

Multiple Unicorn Theme Carnival Games

Multiple Unicorn Theme Carnival Games

Carnival Booths with unicorn themed carnival games

Pin the Horn on the Unicorn - Different colored unicorn horns are used to pin the horn and win!

Unicorn Shoes - Painted brightly and glimmering with rhinestones and everything unicorn - toss the shoe and win!

Ring around the unicorn (Ring Toss) –Toss a ring around the unicorn's horn and win!

Unicorn Ring Toss – Ring toss bottles are painted with a unicorn pattern. Ring a bottle and win!

Unicorn Memory – Pick two unicorns and match the shapes. A win happens if the shapes on the bottom of both unicorns match!

Rope a Unicorn- Try your hand at throwing a lasso rope around a unicorns head and win!

Unicorn Cans- Try your hand at knocking down the unicorn cans and win!

Unicorn Apple Toss – Toss apples into wooden hampers. An apple that stays in the hamper is a win!

Package notes & details

Please note that the games listed are sometimes substituted with new similarly themed games to keep the carnival package fresh. Our Carnival Booth area is highlighted with 2-10x10 tents and tables for tickets and prizes (not all games will be under tents). Trinket prizes for carnival games are provided.

One attendant is included with the package to start and reset games, and to verify winners and award prizes. If you are expecting over 25 children, we suggest that you consider adding one additional games attendant. If you are expecting over 35 children, we suggest that you consider adding another games attendant for a total of 3 to keep all games going throughout the event.

The cost for each additional game’s attendant is $75. 

You may also opt to provide volunteers from your group to help tend to the games. Our provided attendant will help and oversee your volunteers. 





Includes your choice of : (PICK ONE)

1. Face Art

2. Balloon Twisting 

3. Unicorn Pony

Includes your choice of: Body Art (glitter stencils or temporary tattoos) or Balloon Twisting or Unicorn pony

Up to 15 Balloons per hour / Up to 15 Body Art Designs, per hour.


We use professional hypoallergenic supplies.

Glitter Stencils & Temporary Tattoos will be standard at no additional cost.

Professional Face Painting is $100 additional (upon availability)


Simple one balloon designs: Hat, Dog, Sword, etc.

*Note: Balloons are done at the end of the party for the safety of our animals and your guests. They are given as party favors.

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