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Everything You Need to Know About Chamberlin Pony Rides & Mobile Petting Zoo

About Us

We began our company in 2000 with a dream to provide a forever home for farm animals. Now, 19 years later we are proud to have been voted Michigan's “Best Family Entertainment Company”.  We strive to exceed our customer's expectations and as parents our selves we provide the party experience we dream of for our own children. Our companies policy is to settle for nothing less than “Raving Fans” with every event

 we host.

If you want your child's birthday party to be the most memorable event of his or her life, settle for nothing less than Chamberlin.

We are comprised of a group of professionals from all walks of life. We created this company because we enjoy animals and love seeing the children smile. Our goal is to put a huge smile on your child's face!   And to hear a child say "This is the BEST party I have ever had". We are all parents and understand exactly what you are looking for and expect when you trust a company to provide excellent entertainment for your 

very special child.

We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver the best service in the industry.

Thank you for considering Chamberlin Pony Rides & Mobile Petting Zoo!

How do you know Chamberlin is the BEST? Visit us on Facebook, over 6,000 Fans can't be wrong!

Do you offer Parties in the Winter?

Frequently Asked Questions 

If you have never hired a pony ride or petting zoo company before, you may not know what questions to ask. What makes one company different from another.

You should ask the following questions:

  • Are you a member of the BBB?

  • Do you travel to my location?

  • How long have you been in business?

  • Are we allowed to go in with the animals and pet and feed them?

  • Is there a weight limit for ponies?

  • How much space is needed?

  • What types of animals will you bring?

  • What company are you insured with?

  • Will you still come if it rains?

  • What is your cancellation policy?

  • Where can I have my party if I can't have it at home?  Do parks allow animals?

Do you offer parties in the WINTER? 

YES!  Chamberlin is the only company in Michigan offering to set up a heated tent in winter months when the temperature is below 40 degrees.

Do you come to us or may we come to your location?

It's your choice. We can come to your location (even in the winter with heated tents) or you may come to our farm for a "party on the farm".  We also have a very extensive list of parks and facilities in Michigan that allow animals and ponies.   

Follow this link for a list of parks that allow animals.

How far do you travel?

We travel throughout Michigan and Northern Ohio areas.  There may be a trip fee incurred if your location is more than 30 miles from our closest farm location.  Please contact reservations for additional trip fee information. 

Are we allowed to actually feed the animals?

ABSOLUTELY! We strongly believe it provides a memorable opportunity (and great pictures) for the children to be allowed to feed our animals. Our animals are all very used to being with and accepting food from small hands. special food for the animals to eat, and antibacterial hand sanitizer for the children to clean their hands with.

Note: Please let us know if you have any children with special allergies to oats and we will bring carrot sticks for them to feed the animals. 

Do animals associate people with food?

Some petting zoo companies feel that animals associating people with food bad. We wholeheartedly disagree! Does your pet dog or cat associate you with food? We aren't rehabilitating animals to be returned to the wild, our animals are bottle raised and are bonded with humans from birth. We firmly believe this allows our clients to experience a closeness with the animals. 

Are we allowed to go INSIDE with the animals?

YES! We bring a variety of petting zoo enclosure fences. We allow children and adults to INSIDE the enclosure with the animals and feed and pet them.

We even set up a "baby zoo" at every party. This area is where we keep the smaller animals, - ducks, chickens, bunnies. This allows our little visitors to go inside and not feel intimidated with a larger animal walking up to them.  All of our animals are trained and well behaved.

Are the animals tied to a stake in my yard?

NO! It's very dangerous to stake an animal in your yard. Children may be easily injured on the stake or trip on the rope.  For your safety, we set up portable corrals in your yard or even inside on tarps or on concrete. 

Is there an age or weight limit for the pony rides? 

Our ponies and saddles are intended for children up to 65 - 120 lbs. We have many options regarding pony or horse sizes. We use miniature horses, fitted with small saddles, to cater to our little clients’ needs. This creates a safer and less intimidating experience for young and/or timid riders. Or, we also have larger ponies that can accommodate children up to about 80 pounds. We even offer full-size horses for older siblings or even adults who would like to experience riding, and they can accommodate up to 175 pounds.

How do we keep pony rides safe? 

Chamberlin is deeply committed to safety. Each pony is led by an experienced handler.  We also will provide (if requested) each child with an ASTM/SEI certified safety helmet when riding our ponies. Each helmet is adjusted to fit snugly and disinfected before every event. Most importantly, our ponies and horses are calm, even-tempered and friendly. They are confident by nature and easily adjust to the many new environments they visit. 

How much space do we need for the pony rides?

Because our ponies come in all sizes, we can be creative with our pony rides, so long as the ground is relatively level and the environment is safe. We suggest you pretend you are walking an extra large dog and see if you can create a good walking route. We can walk around play equipment, but for safety reasons, ask that it not be used during the rides.



We charge a very fair and competitive price for guaranteed excellent service.  Be very Leery of pony companies offering very low prices.  Some companies are not insured or inexperienced.  The saying "you get what you pay for" definitely applies to pony companies.  Don't take that risk with your child's special day.



We require only a $60 deposit to confirm your party date. This deposit will go toward your party price. We accept all major credit and debit cards. Final cash payment is due on the day of your event. If you need to reschedule your event for any reason, you NEVER your deposit money. You may apply it to future event dates.


Petting Zoo

How much space do I need for the petting zoo?

Complete Petting Zoo used in a Backyard Birthday Event: takes up about a 10'x20" area and is a wire panel system that can be arranged to accommodate the area we are provided ground needs to be relatively level, we can place the panels on concrete or lawn. We can even put them inside and put down tarps and straw.

We include a "baby zoo" with every petting zoo, and this is a small area where the little animals (bunnies, chickens ducks) are located. This allows younger children ages 1-3 the opportunity to go inside with the smaller animals and not be scared if a larger animal runs up on them.

 We include clean up in all our events. When our crew leaves you won’t know we were there. (You may even have a more manicured lawn)

What types of animals are included with the zoo?

We typically bring a wonderful variety of animals: including a llama or alpaca, calf, miniature horse or miniature donkey, goats, sheep, rabbits, chickens, roosters, and ducks. We can even set up a “baby zoo” area for small children who may be intimidated by a larger animal. We use small miniature ducks, chickens, and bunnies in the play area.

Are you Insured? 

Yes; we are fully insured for your protection. Many people do not understand that when you bring farm animals on your city property your insurance does not cover you in most cases. You must ask every potential company when comparing them if they will provide proof of an insurance policy. This insurance is very expensive for reputable companies to purchase. However, it is the difference between someone with a pony in their backyard going out uninsured and a reputable company providing you with quality, well trained, clean animals for your special event.

WARNING: We just learned of a company in Michigan who does not have any insurance. If you ask for proof of insurance from this company, they will send you a "fake certificate". Don't be fooled! Ask for the name and phone number of the insurance carrier they have. ask that the insurance certificate (if needed for a public park location) be faxed directly from their insurance company NOT the pony company.

Do you provide an insurance certificate for cities or parks that require it.

Yes;  Once you reserve your party you may provide us with the name of the entity you need to have named insured.  We will have the certificate to you within 2 weeks of the event. (Please note we can not order it more than 4 weeks prior to your event).   There is no cost to you unless the city or park has very specific verbiage needed on the certificate.  At which time we will discuss any cost to you prior to your reservation confirmation. 

USDA  & BBB Certification - We prove we are complaint and honest 

—-The federal government is no longer requiring petting zoo companies to be USDA licensed or certified. —-

What does this mean to you? 

A USDA license was a way for you, the consumer, to be assured that the company you hired was compliant with their regulations and had proven with documentation, that their animals were clean, healthy and well cared for.

As a result of this new legislation, you risk falling trap to hiring a company who has animals that are not safe to be around children.

In order to maintain the high standards that our customers expect, Chamberlin is 100% compliant with the BBB. As a result, we have been vetted very thoroughly by their team of experts and have proven that all of the claims on our web site are factual.

Most importantly, this certification provides a sense of security for you, your family and all of the guests attending your event.

Please don't risk your child's safety or all of the hard work and effort that went into making your celebration one they will remember forever.

Require that the company you are hiring prove to you, with a BBB certification, that they are worthy of your business. 

Are your animals healthy and clean? 

Absolutely! They are all vaccinated & dewormed as per our company veterinarian professionals recommendations & guidelines. For their health and comfort, they are groomed, trimmed & bathed regularly. If required by your venue, we will supply you with a proof of inoculation report. 

Are you a licensed petting zoo?  

There is no license needed to operate a petting zoo company. However, we have been in business for 20 years. Anyone can call themselves a petting zoo company. Don't gamble with your child's memories. 

Hire Chamberlin for a guaranteed professional experience.  Please read our BBB compliance statement above. 

May I have my party in a local park?

Yes, many Detroit metro parks allow animals.  Please follow this link for a list of parks that (we know) allow animals.  There may be more, so if you have a park in mind, just contact them.  Tell them we have been in business for over 20 years, are fully insured for 2M, and do full clean up of any animal waste.

Follow this link for a  LIST OF PARKS THAT ALLOW ANIMALS


General Questions

What is your cancellation policy?

 CANCELLATION POLICY:  If your reservation is cancelled for any reason, our reservations office will issue you a credit coupon, allowing a 100% transfer of your deposit made to any party type on the same or future date with no expiration! Your deposit is fully transferable to any event type, we only require that your new reservation is booked with the same team assigned to your original reservation.   Please note we do not accept reschedule events on Saturdays.  All Saturdays are black out dates.  You would need to make a new reservation and retain your deposit for another future date. 

 Note: During the busy seasonal months of May through October, we are often sold out weeks in advance. We will make every attempt to reschedule your event. However, we do not guarantee we will have availability on the day and/or time you are wishing to reschedule your event. Please note, NO monetary adjustments will be authorized once we have left the farm and are en route to your event or, are on the job and begin your party.  

We ask that you complete an online form to cancel or reschedule an event. We do not accept reschedule requests over the phone.

If you wish to reschedule or cancel your existing event, please complete an online form   


                                                      CLICK HERE  TO REQUEST A RESCHEDULE

Recently we have been inundated with calls from frantic parents who reserved a party from a pony or petting zoo company and was contacted right before the party and told they were . We regretfully need to warn people that there are companies who will accept your reservation and then cancel at the last minute if a better paying job comes along.

Unfortunately, there are a few companies operating in the Detroit metro area who have a very bad reputation. This is a message to those companies. You know who you are... Stop ruining children's dreams of a perfect birthday party, don't be so greedy, and be responsible and operate a respectable business. You are ruining the children's party entertainment industry and the reputation of those companies like Chamberlin who do care! 

What makes your company different from other pony ride & petting zoo companies? 

First of all, we are fully insured for your protection. Secondly, we offer a very attractive petting corral that makes a great impression at your event. But most importantly, we love our animals and it shows! We do not breed them for resale. Each animal that we adopt/purchase is here to stay and given the highest quality food and regular vet care. We receive many compliments on how much calmer, friendlier and interactive our animals are than other zoos our guests have been to.

What is your policy if it rains? 

We will gladly work with you up until the morning of your event to determine if we need to cancel due to poor weather. We understand that Michigan weather is often very unpredictable and changes frequently. We are prepared in the event of rain by bringing a tent for the petting farm. We also offer an excellent package called Zootopia.  This package includes small animals (ducks, chickens, bunnies) and Face-paint and Balloon Twisting.  If you decide not to have your party with a pony, we are able to easily set this small package up in your house or garage, so you won't be stuck with a house full of children and no entertainment.  You also have the choice of rescheduling your party to another date. You NEVER lose your deposit, it will go toward your next party. 


We want to have our child's party in a park. Is this okay? 

In most cases, yes. We ask our clients to verify with local park administrators, or city officials to make sure they have permission to have ponies and farm animals at their event location. We will provide proof of insurance, if necessary. We can also obtain a certificate of "Additional Insured Named" if required. Your insurance certificate will come directly from our insurance company. If you don't know of a park, contact our reservations office and we will be happy to send you a list of parks that we know allow animals.

What do you do with your animals when they retire?

When our animals become unwilling or unable to come to petting or give pony rides, they are allowed to just stay home and enjoy their retirement! We do not sell them or give them away. As we have stated before, they are our pets and they have been promised a forever home.

Who is "Chamberlin Pony Rides"?  

We do not "farm out our parties" to our friends or to other companies. Nor, are "Ma and Pa" family with a pony wanting to make a quick extra buck! When you hire Chamberlin Pony Rides YOU GET a professional, qualified, trained Chamberlin Pony Rides event manager. Each one has been carefully chosen and trained to provide the BEST service in Michigan. We have been voted #1 in Michigan!

Where is the Chamberlin reservations office located? 

Our friendly and professional reservations team is located in Macomb Michigan and ready to help you plan your perfect day. 

Who are Chamberlin Event Managers?  

Our event managers are all carefully chosen for their professionalism and have proven to comply with our very high standards.  Each one has been thoroughly trained and expected to uphold the highest standards of any pony zoo company in Michigan. If they are unable to comply with our very strict standards of service and ethics they will no longer be associated with Chamberlin Pony Rides.

Every one of our professional event managers also parents. They understand the importance of a "perfect birthday party".  When you hire Chamberlin Pony Rides that is exactly WHO you will get.

What does that mean to you?  

There is no regulation for zoo or pony ride companies in Michigan. can hang a shingle and call themselves a professional company. When you hire Chamberlin, you may rest assured you will be proud of the people and animals who come to your home and interact with your children.   We will not call you and cancel your party just before your big day, because we received a better paying job offer.  We are all parents ourselves and take pride in our work. Most importantly we are not going to bring our own small children with us to disrupt your private party. Nor are we going to get into "loud discussions" with our partners at your party. Perhaps you have had this type of "pony person" at your party in the past and understand how we feel. 

Thank you for considering our company.  We look forward to meeting you and allowing us to make your child's dreams come true!

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