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Your upcoming Chamberlin Pony Rides event is just around the corner! We want to ensure that everything runs smoothly, so here are a few reminders:


Please reach out to your event manager before the day of your party to review all the details and confirm everything directly with them via text or call.


If you need to Cancel or Reschedule your event, please make sure to INFORM YOUR EVENT MANAGER FIRST. Following this, please click on this link and submit a request to notify the reservations office.  


1. POWER OUTLET: For the professional bubble machine included in your event at no extra cost, please note that we require a power source within 50 feet of our setup to operate.


2. SPECIAL REQUESTS:  If you have a specific party theme, such as cowboy or unicorn, please ensure to confirm this request with your event manager. If you would like to request a special color ribbon in the pony's hair or have specific items like straw bales and cowboy ropes brought in, please reconfirm these requests with your event manager as well.


3. ARRIVAL: On the day of your party, your event manager will be available on their cell phone. In the event of any traffic delays, they will be in touch with you to assist in making any necessary adjustments. While we recommend having Chamberlin Pony Rides arrive at the start of your party, in the unlikely event of significant traffic delays, you will have the option to adjust the party timeline, possibly starting with cake and presents.

4. EMERGENCY CHAMBERLIN OFFICE NUMBER: In case your event manager is unavailable (as they may be tending to the ponies), you can reach a Chamberlin reservationist by calling 734-780-5800 or 734-368-6582.


5. PARKING:  Please ensure adequate parking space for our truck and trailer, typically around 50 feet (approximately four car lengths).


6. WATER:  Have water available for the animals, a garden hose will suffice.


7. PREPARE YOUR AREA: Prepare the designated area for the petting zoo (approximately 10' x 10' for Small Petting Zoo and 10' x 30' for Complete Petting Zoo) by clearing away debris and removing hazards such as broken glass and animal waste before our arrival.


8. FINAL PAYMENT: According to company policy, your event manager is required to collect the full balance in cash before unloading the animals. Please have the cash payment ready upon their arrival, as checks will not be accepted unless previously agreed upon with your event manager.


9. LATE ARRIVAL: Please note that no discount allowance will be given for late arrival due to circumstances beyond our control. We aim to accommodate your party time and, in the event of delay, you will have the option to reschedule or make up for lost time at the beginning of the party. We ensure that you receive the entire reserved time, and if you wish to adjust the total party time, we will credit any additional time accordingly.





1. PONY RIDE AREA: (If your party includes pony or horseback rides) Adults are welcome to ride (if a horse is included) with a weight limit of 175 pounds. Riders must be able to mount and dismount with minimal physical assistance. A mounting step is provided for convenience.


2. The pony ride area should be at least 100 feet away from any Moon bounce or Zip Line equipment, or per your event manager's discretion.


3. For the comfort of other riders, children must ride in dry clothes or use a towel over the saddle. We recommend closed-toe shoes instead of sandals for riding.


4. While our ponies are accustomed to dogs, your dog may be startled or intimidated. We may request you to restrain your dog if necessary.


PETTING ZOO RULES: All children under age 4 must be accompanied by an adult in the petting zoo. We reserve the right to ask a child to leave if we feel they are mistreating the animals.



- Ponies have "blind spots" and may not see an unexpected child, so children should not follow too closely while moving or giving rides.

- Ponies are sensitive, and we ask children not to kick or jump in the saddle.

- Food, drink, toys, or balloons are not allowed while riding the pony.



Upon arrival, we will set up three distinct areas:

A) A designated line for children to wait for their ride.

B) A separate play area.

C) An exclusive ride area for riders, ponies, and horses. This ensures the safety of your little ones.



  1. Children must be able to hold onto the saddle horn with both hands to ride. If they cannot, an adult must walk with the child during the ride.

  2. We do not provide side-walkers; we recommend an adult or parent walk beside all children under 5.

  3. Children under age four must sit between older children for cart rides and keep their hands and feet inside the cart at all times.

  4. For everyone's safety, if an unattended child enters the pony riding area, we will cease all rides until the area is clear of children. This time will not be deducted from your event total. Please ensure children are supervised for their safety.


Michigan Equine Liability Act:

Warning - Under the Michigan Equine Activity Liability Act, an equine professional is not liable for an injury to or the death of a participant in an equine activity resulting from the inherent risk of the equine activity.


For additional information, please view our list of terms and conditions at


Thank you for your business. Have a great party!

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