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When you schedule Chamberlin to visit your school or learning center, you combine education with fun. Introducing children to animals provides them with real-life counterparts of their favorite literary characters and teaches them about the roles of animals in our lives. It also fosters compassion and a better understanding of the care requirements of various creatures.

We provide children with valuable hands-on experience to engage with the natural world, promoting better abstract and critical thinking skills. Our programs include petting zoo animals - your choice of exotic or farm animals, pony rides, and pony cart rides (accommodating 3 children at a time). Children are encouraged to interact with the animals gently, whether observing from outside the pen or inside, where they can practice soft hands and brush the animals at their own pace. Witness the joy on their faces as they connect with our furry farm animals. Our interactive presentations cater to educator needs, offering age-appropriate presentations that enhance curricula and spark STEM interest. We are USDA-licensed, insured, and meet all animal exhibition regulations.

By booking with Chamberlin Pony Rides and Mobile Petting Zoo, you will receive:


* End-of-school season or summer programming solutions

* Over 24 years of experience accommodating small budgets, naptimes, space restrictions, and adverse weather conditions, with the option of heated tents for the petting zoo if the temperature drops below 40 degrees

* USDA licensure and full insurance coverage

* Clean, friendly, and engaging animals, along with a highly interactive learning experience

* A professional and courteous staff

* A unique Referral Program to save on your next event


Since 2000, Chamberlin has provided Michigan schools with exceptional animal entertainment and can provide numerous satisfied customer references. We take immense pride in our parties and guarantee a successful event.




We deliver innovative enrichment programs for preschool, K-6, and older children, catering to various settings such as public and private schools, pods, micro-schools, homeschool centers, and summer camps. All animals are introduced in a gentle, non-threatening manner, and contact with animals is optional and never mandatory, with a requirement for students to wash or sanitize their hands before and after.


Our presenters are dynamic, knowledgeable, and safety-conscious. Each presentation is customized to meet educator needs, delivering relevant and age-appropriate content in an interactive and entertaining manner that reinforces curricula and sparks STEM interest among students.


We are USDA licensed and insured, complying with all regulations and guidelines for animal exhibition. We are open to addressing any concerns or school-specific policies and can provide a Certificate of Insurance (COI) upon booking, if desired.


For special needs students, we can modify our presentation to suit their needs and abilities.


Rates for public and private school classroom programs, assemblies, and summer camps involve a deposit at booking, with the balance due on or before the day of the event. We also provide a 1-page animal handout PDF file for self-printing.


Classroom program rates may vary based on specific needs and the number of students, with hands-on school encounters designed for groups of 15 children or fewer in a session. Sessions can range from 20 to 60 minutes, with a 5-10 minute transition between sessions. For larger groups seeking a hands-on experience, an additional fee applies for an extra presenter. Customized programming is available to tailor the perfect fit for your requirements.





1-hour minimum visit

$335 1st hour, $125 per additional 1/2 hour

What makes mammals unique? We'll explore the diversity of small farm mammals and how they care for their young. Includes goat, sheep, rabbits, ducks, chickens

Includes: We will send you a one-page PDF educational hand out for self-printing




1-hour minimum visit

$210 1st hour, $75 per additional 1/2 hour

Perfect for small classroom size or working on a limited budget. Includes rabbits, ducks, chickens

Includes: We will send you a one-page PDF educational hand out for self-printing




1-hour minimum visit

$435 1st hour, $175 per additional 1/2 hour

Why do animals have fur, or feathers? Get up close to fascinating animals while learning about their role on the farm.

Includes: Alpaca, miniature horse or donkey, goat, sheep, ducks, chickens, rabbits.

Includes: We will send you a one-page PDF educational hand out for self-printing




1 - hour minimum visit

$485 first hour - $200 each additional 1/2 hour

Why is one animal classified as a mammal and another a a reptile? This program will have students interact with some fuzzy and scaly favorites to find out.

Included are : Assortment of 12-15 different species of exotic animals: Wallaby, African Crested Porcupine, Mountain Coatimundi, Tarantula, Red Tail Boa, Ball Python, California King Snake, Reticulated Python 15 foot, 50 pounds, Scorpion, Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches, Alligator, Hedgehogs, Persian Jirds, Guinea Pigs, Umbrella Cockatoo, Pacman Frog, Colorado River Toad, Hairless Rats, Patagonian Cavy, Bearded Dragon, Petersons Banded Skink, Sulcata Tortoises, Three Banded Armadillo, Lowland Paca. 






We can set up in a gym on tarps

Or outside on lawn 

* Ask about our heated tents in winter months.


All of our programs are perfect for kids of preschool age and up, our mobile petting zoo is a great way to give students a hands-on experience with animals which emphasizes kindness and empathy. We work in many settings, including public and private preschools, K-8 and high schools, day care centers, summer camps and more. Petting zoos can be held outdoors or inside and can be configured in many shapes and sizes. Our knowledgeable staff will share age-appropriate information about the animals and help children have safe, calm and positive animal interactions.

  • Session lengths typically range from 10-20 minutes with 5-minute transitions. For Preschool and Kindergarten children we recommend 10-minute sessions. Ideal group size per session is 10-15 minutes for school age children, 10 or less for younger kids.

  • Our handlers will work with your students to ensure everyone has a great time and provide age-appropriate information about the animals. 

  • We provide touch tables for our rabbits and chickens at child height for comfortable interactions.

  • Deposit required at booking. Balance due on or before day of event.

  • Our visit can range from an hour to all day. We'll work with your team to determine session lengths, group sizes, setup location, and other details.

  • We'll be there rain or shine and our rates include canopies and heaters as needed.

  • We provide hand sanitizer and require all children to use sanitizer or wash hands before and after handling animals. Children with special needs are welcome- please let us know if they'll be participating so we can help ensure they have a great experience!



Visit our web site for additional information. We have many different size carnival packages to choose from.

We provide petting zoos for many school carnivals, beginning/end of school year celebrations and de-stressing events for college students. Let us know what you're planning, and we'll bring a fun and fantastic program!

Some of our favorite memories 


Review left by Out Of The Norm

Hi guys, my name is Rachel I am the owner and operator of Rachel’s Daycare and Learning Center. I am so pleased to share my experience with Chamberlin Ponys Rides. I have been using this company for as long as I can remember, and great service is something that they specialize in. Each time Chamberlin has come to our Center they left the crowd cheering for more. and all my kids are very happy. Thank you Chamberland for all that you do you are truly appreciated ❤️ We love you guys

Rachel’s Daycare and Learning Center

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Ellen Durand

Google review

Review left by Ellen Durand


We LOVE Chamberlin Pony rides and petting zoo at Day Camp. Friendly staff with smiles and they are very eager to help the children feel comfortable. Always professional and enthusiastic about the animals they bring. The campers look forward to seeing them every year!

Review left by Lisa Uhrich

We have used Chamberlin for several years for our Preschool Family Fun Fair. The children love the pony rides and the petting zoo. We have always been pleased with the service they provide. They are prompt and friendly to our staff and families. I highly recommend this business to help keep the children smiling at your party!

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Lisa Uhrich

Google review

We specialize in school groups

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