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Mechanical Bull is an interactive adventure!

YEEEHAWWW, are you looking for fun and excitement for your next fair, event, party, fundraiser or western theme school event or party?? Need some kick in your country? Bring the party back into your bar??

 Something that will entertain both the kids and cowboys? You've found it! Safe and FUN for the kids, the cowboys and the urban cowboys too!!

3 hour (minimum) from:  $850 

* $100 each additional hour

Perfect for:  

Child or Adult Birthday Party


 Graduation Party

School lock ins

After Prom

Festivals and Fairs

Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

Company Picnic

To name just a few...

puppet show

Authentic Mechanical Bulls!

Genuine Bullhide covered and padded! You'll not get a plastic 'kiddie ride' with light up eyes from our company!!

Fully hand controlled/operated! We can control every movement of our mechanical bulls for the safest ride possible for every riders ability, balance and age appropriateness! We can start off extremely slow, smooth and gentle for the smallest tots to have a try on the bull without them falling off or we can give the professional cowboy the excitement and heart pounding thrill ride of a realistic bull! With the safest of landings!

Our #1 commitment is safety and FUN! We want everyone at your event that is physically able to enjoy and participate in riding our bulls!! The scaredy cats are welcome we are not out to just dump you off and get the next rider on, we are happy to let you start off slowly and go your own pace at your comfort zone and we are willing to STOP the bull at any time to let the riders off without falling off the bull onto our custom made airbags!

Our airbags have been custom made; larger and thicker than the airbags that come from the factory with most mechanical bulls. This takes up a little more room but offers optimum safety and enjoyment for all that participate!

Mom & Dad are welcome to join the fun!

Our bulls are also 100% electric/gear driven, this means there are NO messy hydraulics working, leaking and leaving messes/stains in your indoor venue! These bulls operate more consistently without the noise and mess of their hydraulic counterparts!

Our bulls are rugged and durable fully capable of lifting 500lbs, which allows for double riding! View some fun video clips of some double riding at an annual family party with the links below!

puppet show
puppet show

Professional attendants and operators

Our attendants and operators and prompt, friendly and dressed in western attire.

All riders are given instructions on how to properly hold on and ride the bull for best success and safety.

Our bulls can be operated indoors or outdoors on any firm level surface. Outdoor operation in winter is suitable as well.

Do you have enough space?


20x20 space required for operation

220 volt 30 amp power needed, a GENERATOR can be provided if your location does not have a 220 power source. (220 power is the same type of power hookup that your electric stove and dryer need , most commercial buildings and kitchens have these power types available.)

If operated indoors the minimum ceiling height is 10ft, with NO obstructions such as ceiling fans, beams, lighting, etc.!

puppet show
puppet show

Perfect for your cowboy theme party!

Make your next event the talk of the town with a mechanical bull!

Bringing smiles and memories to a party near YOU!

How far do we travel?


puppet show
puppet show

Add Robo Surfer to Mechanical Bull $500

Or rent alone for 3.5 hours from $850

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