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Please note:  We offer up to 15 Face Paint Designs per hour.

  If you have more than 15 children, we suggest you include a second face paint person for $100 each hour.



We use professional hypoallergenic supplies.

All Chamberlin teams that offer face paint, are capable of providing the standard 8 designs pictured above (or similar quality).  


Professional Face Painting is $100 for each face paint person additional package cost (upon availability)





Body Art (glitter stencils) 

Up to 15 Stencils per hour / Up to 15 Body Art Designs, per hour.  

Note:  If you have more than 15 children, we suggest you add a second glitter stencil person.



We use professional hypoallergenic supplies.

Glitter Stencils are available for a $25 surcharge in many packages.  If it's not included in your package, you may add it for $75 each hour.

*  Please note pictures above are "samples" of what we offer.


What are glitter stencils? And how is it different than face paint?

Stenciling is a technique for reproducing designs by passing face paint or glitter over holes cut in plastic design onto the face.  It is a simpler design compared to full-face paint.

Stencils are not done free hand as face paint is, a template is used.  






$75 option or included in some packages.

Simple one balloon designs: Hat, Dog, Sword, etc.  

We include up to 20 balloon designs (an assortment of dog, hat, sword) or you may choose one design for all children.  Please discuss your option with your event manager prior to your event. 


*Note: Balloons may be done at the end of the party for the safety of our animals and your guests. They are given as party favors.


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